Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Post-Cruise Randomness

Well,  I almost feel back to normal after my 7 night cruise to Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Marteen.  The Ship, Allure of the Seas, was amazing.  I think that there were over 5,000 people on board and it really never seemed too crowded (except around the food-I'll discuss later).

There was plenty of stuff to do on board, so 7 nights actually went by pretty quick.  Between the Rock Climbing Wall, The FloRider and the fitness center you could stay extremely active or you could just lay by the pool and enjoy a little socializing, cheer on a belly flop contest, and act like you are really on vacation.   I did a little bit of both. 

Since this blog has a strength/conditioning/fitness/nutrition emphasis, I'll try to keep my randomness related to those topics with a little entertainment thrown in.

-The Gym. The free weight area was pretty decent.  There were dumbbells up to 75lbs. and plenty of benches as well as areas for pull-ups and dips.  I brought my TRX and some bands so I had a little variety in my workouts.  If machines are more your style of lifting/exercise, there was a big selection of Hammer Strength equipment.  There were spinning and group X classes going on, but if you know anything about me, you could imagine that I turned away from the atrocious movements being performed so I could avoid getting "bang head my against the wall" syndrome.

-The food.  There were A LOT of food options.  I really wish I took some pictures of peoples plates, it was borderline DISGUSTING!  I like to eat as much as the next person, but some of the people on the boat acted like they were held hostage and haven't seen food for 2 weeks.  I almost got knocked over by a "plump" woman who was moving with a vengeance when she saw fresh bacon being brought out.  There were a variety of "healthier" options so you could survive on this boat without eating like total crap.

-A Sad Sight. When I see an OBESE teenager eating a plate full of cookies, doughnuts, and any other high-sugar carb stacked like he is on a MAN vs. FOOD challenge- it's pretty sad.  I know, I know the kid is on vacation and he should enjoy himself.  This situation just affects me a little differently because I work with kids and I think parents need to take more responsibility for their child's health.  I know I didn't eat perfect and I was heavy in my late teens, but this kid was probably over 250lbs. and maybe 13 years old. I can only hope that he makes some changes so he can live a healthier life. Yes, he was eating with both parents right next to him and they definitely need to make some nutrition changes as well....

-Abusing Myself.  Well kinda.  I didn't eat that awful on the boat.  I did eat bread with every meal and consumed way more calories than I normally do, and maybe had a desert every now and than.  It's pretty much impossible for just about any guy that I know to limit NY Strips and Lobster Tail when, well - you can eat all you want.   If you were in mass gaining phase, a cruise would be a great vacation for you!  Some "liquid refreshments" out at the pool didn't help with calorie control and nutritious food choices, but I was on vacation and all of the extra calories were well worth it- well maybe.....

-18lbs.  Yep, I gained 18lbs. in 10 days. From Friday June 10th to Monday June 20th I gained 18 freaking pounds.   I wasn't depressed, upset, or surprised, I just started my day right on Monday and got back to eating high quality nutritious food and had a good lifting session and sprinting session.  On Tuesday I lost 8 of those pounds.  Obviously, it was mostly water weight combined with built up preservatives and waste, but the important thing is to realize you have a choice after vacation.  Either I could get back on track, or I could go back to my fatboy days.  It was really not a choice, I felt like total crap and couldn't wait to eat some free-range chicken and organic greens!

-Loterie Farm.  This was the highlight of my (our) trip.  Located on the French side of St. Martin, and basically in the middle of no where, there was this AWESOME nature preserve with Zip-Lines, rope sings, and suspension bridges.  It was not for anyone with fear of heights or a person who is in less than average physical shape.  It was a pretty solid workout and it was an experience I would definitely do again.  My wife got a nice bruise on her arm, but she was way ahead of me on the trail so I think she may have deserved  it (just kidding babe).

-Back to Reality.  Yep, I already did a few sprints, ate some organic turkey, free-range eggs, and I'm ready to go to the gym and crank up some intensity for my lower body lifting session.  It's been a while since I've done deadlifts  so I can't wait to pull some wight off the floor and get back to getting strong(er).  A vacation and some time off from heavy lifting, as well as eating really clean was definitely needed, but I really do enjoy my everyday life and I'm ready to re-focus and start achieving great things....

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Grant Dupoux said...

Damon, once again thanks for sharing. Its very sad to watch kids today eat. We have been living in a hotel for the last 3 weeks and we finally move into our home tomorrow! Cant wait! Its very had to eat healthy when you are away and the healthy choices arent plentiful. I have seen so many unhealthy families eating together and its clear why the children are obese; they are watching and mimicking mom and dad. Im interested in finding out more about some of the organic food options and was wondering which ones you consider have the greatest benefit? Anyway, thanks for the post and it seems as if you and your bride had a great time!