Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'll start tomorrow...

Don't ya just love that.... I'll start on Monday, or today is ruined I'll just start tomorrow.   The fact is- there is no better time than now to get in better shape and take control of your life.  So right now, enjoy the next 8 to 10 hours.   If you are reading this, enjoy your day Saturday or Sunday- hell, maybe even Monday. 

Now, when you wake up the next day- it's on! For the Next 21 days don't have anything bad.  Not one bite of crap food, not a drink of a substance that contains calories (yeah- that means any alcohol).  Coffee and green tea are acceptable, and a diet Coke every now and then is slightly okay.

I challenge you, I challenge myself. This could be a life changing 21 day if we make it that long!  Honestly, we can move mountains in 21 days. Take before and after pics, write down how you feel after every few days of being strict to a diet of nutritious foods and exercising and hopefully lifting some heavy weights...Geez, it's amazing how you'll feel and perform after 21 day of excellence.  Life is better when goal are accomplished, so get started now. 

After 21 days your life will never be better!  Trust me, bad food and a couple beverage here and there can take its toll-  but YOU have control of that.  Now til the end of the month stick to the plan!  Hopefully, I'll hear some feedback,I'll give you guys some info along the way- we're in this together 21 days. let's do it!

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