Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's One Thing....

For most people, achieving the desired results they want from a diet / exercise program comes down to one thing.  That ONE thing is something that you need to start doing or stop doing to get your body and overall health in better physical condition.

Of course that ONE thing leads to a bunch of other things that snowball and create a bigger roadblock on your path to success.  With myself, clients, and friends it's really not too difficult to identity what ONE thing or ONE change needs to be made.

A couple of my clients are perfect examples.  One of my clients really enjoys wine.  Sometimes that enjoyment can be more than a glass or two and when that happens, clean eating goes out the window.  She'll tell me, "After one glass I'll eat really good, but after 3 - I start to crave chips, pasta, or chocolate".  On the nights she has NO wine her nutrition is right on track and her training sessions are more intense.

Another client of mine is in great cardiovascular shape.  He has phenomenal muscular endurance, however he is lacking the all important strength component.  Things like chin-ups and compound lower body exercises with a decent amount of weight are really a challenge.  It's not a real surprise that he has a history of lower back and shoulder issues.  The ONE thing that he needs to improve is STRENGTH.   Now that we are focusing on getting stronger rather than "circuit/metabolic" based workouts, his structural deficiencies are starting to subside and his training sessions are much more beneficial.

Some friends I know crave bread or snack foods.  If they go to a restaurant and there is bread on the table or chips and salsa, the word indulge comes to mind.  Once they load up on the carbs, grease, and salt, the attitude is "Oh well, might as well get something bad since I've already gotten off track".

We can all sit back and pinpoint ONE thing that we could start doing or stop doing for a few weeks and we would see significant physical changes.

Could you:

-Focus on getting stronger, and actually STRENGTH TRAIN?
-Maybe add in a little cardio/interval work to your program?
-Perform single leg work and identity some inefficient movement patterns?
-Start doing lower body resistance training instead of Bench Pressing 3 days a week?
-Begin your upper body sessions with pulling instead of pushing exercises?
-Start getting to sleep an hour or two earlier?

Could you avoid:
-Pouring that glass of wine (or 3) with dinner every night?
-Chowing down on that bread and butter that's gonna add 800 calories to your dinner?
-Going to the gym and heading straight to the elliptical?
-Going to happy hour and actually make it to the gym on a Friday?

You hear it all the time.

If I just didn't eat _______ I'd be a lot leaner.........DUH?
If I just did some flexibility/mobility work my back would feel a lot better......REALLY?
If I just didn't drink beer, I'd be able to lose 10lbs?  SHOCKER

You owe it to yourself to walk around healthier and in better physical condition, don't let something hold you back.  Especially if it's just ONE thing.

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