Thursday, September 8, 2011

Layoffs, Set Backs, and Moving Forward....

It's been a while since my last post.  It seems life has taken over and my time management needed to be "revamped".  I've been reading a ton of blogs and articles, but I've been a little lazy behind the keyboard.  I've had plenty of good topics, but so have many other blogger's, and if someone discusses a topic before me- I try to avoid writing about that subject. 

I don't want to come across as someone who "steals" from other people's ideas and pawns them off as my own.   When it comes to writing about fitness/strength stuff it is inevitable that certain subjects will be written about and blogged about by several authors, but in all fairness I'd rather refer people to great blogs/articles through social media (facebook) rather than rewriting what someone else has already discussed (and done a better job than I would have). 

That's my excuse for the layoff.....

I've recently had a few setbacks when it comes to lifting and conditioning.  The first one is school.  I have a little less time in my day to be a trainer/coach, teacher, husband, and puppy owner.   So I needed to come up with a "personal" schedule that actually fits reality.  That was tough to do and it's still in the working stages.....

That's really not a set back but reality starin' me in the eyes.  This is a setback:

When I was 12 I knocked 2 teeth out while skateboarding.  Luckily, I had braces and my dentist was able to put them back in without any serious damage.  Until now.  I made a dentist appointment for some "mild discomfort" in one of my front teeth.   It turns out that the root and tooth were so "dead" that I had to get tooth #9 extracted asap. 

I'm in the process of getting  an implant, but it's still a little crazy that this happened in such a short time frame.  For a few days I was in some pain, but all in all it wasn't horrible. Obviously, I had a little "off time" from the gym which brings up my next setback. 

I've been loving my new program, check it out here.  The only problem is I really need to warm-up very efficiently before every lifting session, given that I'm squatting 3 times a week- and I have a tight hip/glute area  (iliopsoas/piriformis) on my left side. 

On labor day, I was amped up for my Medium Squat / Heavy deadlift session  so I skimped on the warm-up and a few "get in the grove sets".  I actually started off having a great lifting session, then I realized my left hip region/lower back was starting to tighten up. I decided to push through the training session.  Later on that day my hip, glute, and lower back were screaming at me!  I didn't warm-up right, I jumped right into heavier weight, and I felt like a total idiot.

It's been a few days and I'm moving more efficiently, but I'm nowhere near 100%.  I've been using a lacrosse ball and foam roller so much I'm starting to bruise, but the pain actually fells somewhat good- especially once I'm done rolling and stretching. 

The take home lesson = kids, warm-up properly!

So now that I got my bitching and moaning out, I'll get to the point.  Everything doesn't always happen the way you want or expect it to, you have to accept that.  Nothing should keep you down, learn from experience and use unfortunate circumstances as motivation to work harder and get mentally/physically stronger. 

I'm a stubborn individual, and I like things to workout perfectly all the time.  That's not reality.  It's time to move forward and realize no matter what life throws at me I'm gonna keep bustin' ass and getting better.  Life is a competition,  between you and the obstacles you encounter.  

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