Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Best Workout & Diet Plan EVER!!!!

There is new "ground breaking" workout and eating plan that will help you shed fat, get ripped, increase your strength and improve endurance.  Of course, anything NEW and "ground breaking" definitely is worth a try, because programs and eating plans of the past really aren't good enough.

The workout is so productive because of a process called "Muscle Thermodynamic Activation".  This principle was brought about by Eastern Bloc countries when athletes were cutting weight for World Wide competitions and had very little time to reduce body fat.

Muscle Thermodynamic Activation (MTA) is a process in which your muscles release an abundance of ATP and Creatine Phosphate and raise you body temperature to increase fat burning.   This process will continue to burn fat for 24-48 hours post workout.  MTA  has been shown to increase EPOC by 413% which is basically a full on fat burning blitz! 

An example would be to perform rapid, quick movements for 5-10 seconds after each set of resistance exercise.  So after a set of squats jump up and down and shake your arms vigorously for around 7 seconds.  If you are seeking the ultimate body fat reduction technique,  Muscle Thermodynamic Activation is kicked in to high gear by "shaking" your muscles and other body tissue.  Perform a "shake" similar to a wet dog trying to dry off.

If you really want a thermogenic effect, after each set of resistance exercise - shake your body violently for around 10 seconds.  Trust me, you'll feel the fat burning from your stomach, glutes, and thighs like never before.

Now for the ground breaking nutrition information that was keep under lock and key until a world renowned exercise physiologist and professor of human biology leaked this earth shattering secret.

The combination of 2 specific foods can give you a huge burst of energy and basically stop your body from storing body fat because of the synergistic enzymes that are released.  When combined with Muscle Thermodynamic Activation the body fat / weight loss results have been unprecedented.

These two foods are radish and beef jerky.  When eaten together they create an inferno of fat burning nutrients that can get you shredded in no time!  The texture of the radish and the amino acid content of the beef jerky create an unseen increase in metabolic rate.

It's a simple plan, just eat radish and beef jerky for breakfast and lunch and have a normal, sensible dinner and in 10-14 days you will need to buy a whole new wardrobe!

Okay, okay- If you're still reading this I give you credit.  Obviously I was just giving you a ride on the BS train that well educated adults actually would consider believing. As crazy as it seems there are some people out there that will follow this advice, or something very similar because the vast majority of our population is always searching for the "new and best" way to lose weight.

It shouldn't be that complicated.  Eat quality food, control your portions, and commit to an exercise program. Eat lean protein, lots of veggies, some fruit, and healthy (natural) fats.  Lift weight, do sprints, move more throughout the day and BE CONSISTENT!

Getting in shape shouldn't be a 2,4, or 8 week commitment. Make it a lifestyle.  Start setting your goals a couple years from now, not 6 weeks from now.  If you are 15 lbs. lighter in 6 weeks but 40lbs. heavier in 2 years what did you really accomplish?

Don't fall for gimmicks.  Don't buy into "rapid results" programs.  Make it a long term commitment to be leaner, stronger and healthier.  Improve the quality of your life from here on out, not just for 12 weeks.  Take the appropriate steps to make some positive changes, stick with your plan, and live healthy and be happy- that's what "being in shape" should be about.......


Jeremy said...

Good post - I actually thought you were serious for a second and was about to close the window when I saw that you were kidding.

Trouble is that many people do believe this stuff and make these same mistakes every day.

I think that if people simply just tried to eat a little less every day to start, they would begin to see results. That is what happened to me - I lost a bit, learned more about how it works, and now am the leanest I have ever been.

Damon Brobst CSCS said...

I'm glad you stuck around to see that I was only kidding. Everyday there is some new program or "fad" out there that promises unbelievable results. Work hard and don't eat like an idiot and the results will come. Thanks for reading.