Monday, November 28, 2011

The Need To Compete............

I've always liked competition.  For the majority of my life I have played team and individual sports such as football and track & field, and competed in skateboarding competitions during my middle school years.  Some people are satisfied with being on a team or entering an event, I was not one of those people.  

Well, at least I never WAS one of those people.  I used to have "win at all costs" attitude.  I took pride in WINNING, just competing wasn't good enough.  I loved playing football, especially through high school and college, and when my team won the passion for the sport grew insurmountable.   When we lost, I was they guy you wanted to avoid at all costs. 

I ran track to improve my conditioning for football.  I threw shot put to work on becoming "more explosive".  I really didn't excel at these activities, but I still competed, mainly against myself.  I put forth tremendous effort to break my times and distances each time I stepped on the track or entered the shot put circle.

I like to think that I've gotten older and wiser and I think I've come to the point where I can be happy with the thrill of competition.  Winning is great, but just competing is something that I miss and look forward to doing in the near future.  

I have decided to enter a couple up coming competitions that are strength / fitness related.  The first one is a race called the Warrior Dash.  It's a crazy 3 mile race with a bunch of insane obstacles.  I'm not a big "distance runner" but I figure 3 miles is okay as long as there is mud and some flaming rocks to jump over.  This race takes place this Saturday, December 3rd, and I'm looking forward to getting muddy!  

The other competition I plan on entering is the Got Total? competition put on by Crossfit Ft. Lauderdale.    Most people know I'm not a Crossfit guy, but this event is a one rep max on standing shoulder press, deadlift, and squat.  These are lifts I'm a big proponent of, and having a chance to see how I do against other lifters seems pretty entertaining.  

At 36, I'm not sure how I fair against some of the more "youthful" lifters, but at least I'll go in swinging.  I think my deadlift will be pretty competitive, I'm hoping for 500, but my squat and shoulder press are just mediocre. Just getting under the bar will get those goosebumps kickin' and revamp the intensity that can only be brought about by laying it on the line.  This event takes place Saturday, December 17th. 

These events couldn't be more different as far as the energy systems that are utilized.  One is primarily endurance and the other is maximal strength.  They both require two things desire and intensity, if you bring all you got, you'll be successful no matter the outcome. 

One of my clients asked me if I'm training any differently for these events.  My response was, "Not Really, I just lift heavy, do sprints, run hills, and jump on things- that type of stuff prepares you for just about anything and makes you more awesome".  

Whether it's a "formal" competition or just competing with myself, I really like pushing my mental and physical abilities to the limit.  Winning a competition against others is awesome, but winning the competition against yourself is priceless.  

Push yourself, compete with yourself, and dominate the person staring back at you in the mirror. It's about time to start bettering your best...................

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