Friday, August 15, 2008

Blog Dos

The second time around is much better, so they say. Most (99%) of you haven't gotten to experience how great this blog is to read. Yea, I'm full of it, just trying to be entertaining. Today is going to be a lower body day. I'm trying to decide which gym to lift at this afternoon. Do I want crowded and effective or the place where I am employed. I think I will flip a coin.
Since it is leg day, I gotta get amped up! Got some speed/dynamic box squats, speed rack pulls, and follow it up with a rope pull through for the hamstrings. Today is dedicated to the posterior chain, a part of the body that most people lack. I like strong glutes and I cannot lie, it's not only a song but a motto for coaches who want athletes with some lower body power. Try to work the PC more than those overused quads, you will thank me later.

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J said...

Haha. Good shite, bro.

I read it, at least. Even if I'm the only one. Good to see you're still alive.

You're former student (way back when),