Friday, April 1, 2011

End of the week thoughts.........

It's Friday!  Another week down and I'm looking forward to a great weekend in South Florida.  The weather should be great Saturday and Sunday and I plan on getting some much needed beach time.  I don't have to work tomorrow morning so I will get in some early morning conditioning. I'm thinking med ball stuff, some body weight movements, and of course- sprinting.

I did pretty good job blogging this week, I actually put up two pretty good posts, or at least I think they are good.......  Check em out HERE and HERE .

Here is a short list of some random thoughts as you head into the weekend:

-Social Media.  For a long time I was totally against FACEBOOK.  I had no desire to join and be a part of the biggest social networking site EVER.  I eventually gave in because of some advice from a couple smart people in the strength and conditioning field- and I'm really happy I did.

Logging on and having immediate links to blogs, articles, and research studies really cuts down on time in front of the computer.  I also enjoy watching youtube or vimeo videos of some really tough lifting and conditioning sessions. It's great to watch good people lift heavy things, perform different movements, and analyze technique- you can learn a lot from watching someone else perform a movement correctly.  As well as, get motivated from watching people break PR's.

I'm not sold on the whole TWITTER thing, I have an account and post some stuff every now and then, but I really haven't caught on yet.... Who knows, maybe over the summer I will be a tweetin' fool.

-Summer.  Speaking of summer, I have 9 weeks left left of teaching.  We're down to the 4th quarter of school, and before I know it - summer vacation.  I guess you could call it that, but considering I will be picking up more clients and spending more time working at the gym, there won't be a whole lot of down time. Except for my 7 night cruise!  I don't think I've ever spent 7 nights on vacation and I can't wait til I actually get a chance in June to experience the good life, actually my life right now is pretty damn good!

-Investing.  One of my clients told me that I was the best investment he could make.  He said that showing up to the gym every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 5:30am for his training session is a better investment than any stocks or mutual funds that he could ever come across.

That comment made my day.  I enjoy helping people get stronger, leaner, and in better physical condition.  I understand investing in a personal training program is expensive, but the benefits are well worth the investment.

As far as investing, I began thinking about my grocery bill at Whole Foods. It's pretty darn expensive!  But when I think about it, I am investing in my health and my wife's health by purchasing quality nutritious food.  I also thought about the books I have spent a lot of money on over the years, another good investment from a mental / intellectual stand point.

So how are you investing your time and money?


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