Friday, April 15, 2011

End of the week thoughts.........

It's that time again, another glorious Friday and my mind has been full throttle all week.  I have 2 new posts up this week, if you haven't checked em' out yet, here they are: PART 1 and PART 2.

This morning I read a great post from Mike Robertson  and it really should be a MUST READ for pretty much everyone trying to advance in the Strength and Conditioning Field.  The more I think about the whole strength/conditioning/fitness profession, the more I realize that in some instances it's better to have tunnel vision to block out the absurdity of some "trainers".

Look anywhere on the internet and your bound to come across a couple of these on-line fitness gurus. You know, the ones just trying to get rich and don't have any passion for making peoples lives better and improving their knowledge regarding fitness and nutrition. The kind of trainer that has been working in the field for 6 months and hasn't really trained anybody, but is in the process of writing an e-book.  Yeah, that type of trainer- gotta block em' out!

So enough with the intro, here are my end of the week thoughts:

-FOOD INC.  I finally watched the movie this week and all I can say is "DISTURBING".  It's really scary to see where a lot of our meat and other food products come from and getting an inside look at the food industry makes me want to have my own ranch, garden, and farm.

I've read the Omnivore's Dilemma so I had a pretty good idea about what goes on in some areas of the food industry, but the visuals that Food Inc. provides makes it much more realistic.  Just another reason to try to get grassfed, free-range, and organic foods. They might be more expensive but the taste and health benefits outweigh the price.

-NEW GYM.  The wife and I started searching for new gym last week.  We actually tried a gym out last Friday and it was a little bit on the lame side and just lifting there once made my testosterone levels drop.  Cleans, Squats (proper depth), and Deadlifts obviously were not that common at this facility so the wife and I definitely stood out from the "pink dumbbell" gang. 

Today we are going to give Nova Southeastern University's gym a try.  I've lifted there before, and it's a pretty good facility, I just hope they haven't changed the floor plan.  One side of the gym had a row of squat racks, Olympic lift platforms, and plenty of floor space.  The other side had your typical "gym" equipment.  I wonder where I'll spend most of my time........

-Some New Buys.  This week I went on a little "buying" streak.  I bought 2 new books and a TRX.  I figure these items are tax deductible and since I got some money back from the IRS, I might as well invest it.

The books I bought are Switch and The Talent Code.  Both books had some great reviews so I'm looking forward to some quality reading time.

I am in the process of reading Practical Programming, I wish I would have got a hold of this book when I first started lifting- I might have actually had a clue about getting stronger.

The TRX is a great training tool and it's nice to have a little variety when I'm getting in a park workout, it's easy to travel with, and when my ADHD kick in- I can get a little exercise in at home.

Well that's it for today, Have a great weekend.....

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