Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Because That's Who I Am.........................

During a conversation I had with one of my clients the other day, I was informed that she really didn't like "working out".  She let me know about a bunch of other things she would rather be doing and than lifting weights.  Actually, lifting weights and cardiovascular conditioning were things she would rather avoid, if her genetics would let her.  (Basically, if she could eat what she wanted and remain thin, she would never see the inside of a gym).

Later in the conversation she asked me, "Why do you like working out so much?"

I really had to think how I should answer that question.

A bunch of answers ran through my mind, but nothing really stood out as the "correct" answer.  Or, an answer that might influence my client to share the same love for lifting weights that I do. Why does such a simple question seem so complicated for me to answer?

After I left work, I was thinking about my own training session later on that day.  Even though my lifting session was about 8 hours away, I was already getting my "mind right" and looking forward to throwing some weight around in the gym.

A couple minutes later the complicated answer for that simple question, "Why do you like working out so much?"  It hit me like a ton of bricks = Because that's who I am.

I'm not training for a power lifting, bodybuilding, or any other athletic competition.  The only individual I compete with is myself.  I strive to get stronger, leaner, more athletic, faster, muscular, and better conditioned.

WHY? For what purpose? 

Because that's who I am....

I am constantly asked, why do you need to train with heavy weights?  Why do you physically push yourself so hard when your doing sprints?

Because that's who I am..... 

I could easily go into the gym and perform a few basic exercises, the old 3 sets of 10 routine, and throw in 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week and still be in pretty good shape.  To me, that's plain ass BORING!  I want to push myself to my physical limits and see what I can physically achieve.  Average sucks.

Do I have a reason for striving to hit a 500lb. dead lift? No, not a logical one. The reason I want pull 500 lbs. of iron off the ground is because I've had an obsession with strength since the first time I wrapped my hands around a barbell. 

Do I have a reason for pushing my body so hard that I can barley catch my breath after doing hill sprints or dragging my sled? Again, not a logical one. I don't need one. 

I'm not training to play a sport or enter a race.  I just don't know any better.  I still perform cleans and snatches and jump on plyo boxes.  I still think I can improve in those lifts, get stronger, and jump higher. For what reason? 

Because that's who I am.... 

While I'm driving to the gym, I can honestly say that I can't wait to grab a barbell or dumbbell and start throwing some weight around.  When I'm in the gym and I'm listening to some Rage Against The Machine or Hatebreed, loading up the 45lb. plates for my next lift I am where I want to be, where I belong.

It's hard to explain why at 35 years of age, I think my best years are in front of me.  I know that I will get stronger and I will be in the best physical condition of my life in the years to come. I've never been satisfied with average and I think I can always do better at just about everything (except for my wife, it really  doesn't get any better).

I know soon enough age will take it's toll,  and what was an easy set of front squats might be a little more difficult and I might be sore for a few more days after a tough lifting session. There's also a possibility  that I could face some nagging injury issues with the shoulders or knees, but there are always ways to achieve relentless strength and physical dominance.  No matter what obstacles come my way, I will overcome them and move forward.  Because that's who I am............


Anonymous said...

I started lifting at 12 for the girls and soon the barbell bug ruined me for life.

~ Barney

Grant Heston said...

Great article, man! Exactly how I feel. Even rock the RATM and Hatebreed when I lift!