Friday, May 27, 2011

End of the week thoughts....

It's been a few weeks since I posted a "Friday act of randomness", so i figured I better get back to some end of the week babbling.........

The past couple weeks have been going by so quick, which is awesome considering summer break is only 2 WEEKS away!  I also will be on a 7 night cruise to St. Martin and St. Thomas and the Bahamas which will probably be the longest vacation I've been on since entering adulthood. 

Here's a few things that you should read before you start the weekend:

-Training Switch -  I changed up my program last week, I really needed something different and after a few sessions I realize I should have made the change sooner.  Here's my new schedule (cliff notes version):
Monday- Lower Body (Squat emphasis)  & steady state cardio 20-30min
Wednesday-Upper Body (Bench Press / Row emphasis-heavy)  & steady state cardio 20-30min
Thursday-Hill Sprints
Friday-Lower Body (Clean / Deadlift emphasis) & body weight circuit
Saturday- Morning Cardio - get the blood flowing, walk out some soreness & foam roll (kinda a rest day)
Sunday-Upper body (Shoulder press / Pull -up emphasis) also some Jersey Shore Style Armz

I also throw in a little jump rope and some body weight stuff in the mornings if I get to work early, or my clients are running a little late.  So far so good.  My goal is to lean up a little will keeping my strength on the Bench and Squat and try to increase a little in the deadlift.  Out of all my lifts, deadlifts is the one least effected by weight loss.

Yes.  I know steady state cardio is lame, not as good as HIIT, and the DEVIL according to some people - but, I will be "shirtless" for most of my vacation so any extra caloric expenditure is beneficial.  It also clears my mind and I get to watch Sportscenter! 

-The Smith Machine- WHY?  I still don't understand why trainers still have their clients Bench Press and Squat on that thing.  Is it too much effort to teach proper form using a barbell?  I look at the Smith Machine as a tool to create instability and dysfunction among already "screwed up" trainees.  Do yourself and your clients a favor - teach the basic exercises without the use of machines, and remember it is okay to squat below parallel.

-Good Articles.  There have been a lot of great articles pertaining to strength training and nutrition this past week.  Here are a few of my faves: (Ben Bruno will have a HUGE list up after the weekend)

Jen Comas with some nutrition basics for the ladies (guys should read this too)

Mike Robertson saying what NEEDS to be said

Shelby Starnes shares some dieting advice

That's it for this week.  I hope everyone has a great memorial day weekend and remember why we celebrate this day- A HUGE thank you to all of those that have served, or are serving in the Armed Forces.

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Anonymous said...

The SM is pretty good for doing Split Squats as an assistance move but nothing beats the good old BB Squat for packing on mass.