Friday, May 6, 2011

End of the week thoughts.........

It's been a long, busy week and Friday has finally graced us with its presence, thank god.  I am now in "countdown mode" to summer break.  The last day of school is June 10, and then I have about 10 weeks of time off school.  It's really not too much of a vacation because I end up putting in more hours at the gym, but at least I love my line of work!

Anyway, here are some things related to a whole lot of nothing that have crossed my mind this past week:

-Leanness.  There is a direct correlation with my body composition and my energy levels and mood.  Surprise, surprise....  After my wedding and my "mini" honeymoon in New York, I put on a few pounds and it wasn't muscle.  I was eating pretty much whatever I wanted and not doing a whole lot of interval training or other forms of cardio.  Over the past few weeks I have gotten back to strict eating, and cutting down on the amount of "heavy calorie" beverages I consume during the weekend.  

I also have been a little smarter with the cheat meal concept.  I basically don't make a total pig of myself.  My conditioining has also been taken up a few notches with Sunday Funday Park Workouts.  I've lost a good amount of body fat and I am on my road to where I want to be, better than my best.   I have much more intensity in the gym and throughout the day I'm more energetic.  If people just realized how much better they'd feel after losing some body fat, maybe the drive-thru line at McDonald's wouldn't be so damn long.

-Olympic Lifts. It seems that either you like em' or hate em'.  So many people will argue back and fourth whether doing cleans and snatches will produce sport specific power and improve athleticism.  I've been around more than a few conversations regarding the validity of carryover of the movements from the lifting platform to playing field and while there were some good points on both sides, there was no agreement from either side.

I happen to be in favor of teaching and performing the Olympic lifts.  Not because of their possible athletic benefits, but because I just like to do them.  If an athlete or trainee enjoys a lift, and can perform it with proper technique- why not put it in the tool box?  If you haven't given snatches and cleans a try, you might just love em' and start your next training session with a little more intensity.

-My old gym.  I made a guest appearance at my former lifting grounds yesterday, and not much has changed int the past few weeks.  At about 5:15pm just about every guy in the gym was doing biceps or triceps and every female was doing cardio or the abductor/adductor machine.  I'm so happy to be at a better facility where people are actually training with a little more "ballz".  At my new "lifting grounds" people actually squat (to depth)  and deadlift, what a concept????

Well that's it for this week, have a great weekend.  GO Heat and I hope my wife picks in the winning horse in the Kentucky Derby pool, bring home some money babe!

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