Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Resolution Madness......

Every year around this time gyms and health clubs are filled with people with the goal of achieving better fitness and health in 2012.  Vitamin and supplement sales also increase, especially weight loss products and various "fat burners".  In some sporting goods stores there are empty shelves where the exercise equipment belongs-  weights, bands, and other fitness products have been sold out for about a week now and they are ready to used as tools to create a lean and chiseled physique.

All of this is brought about with one famous saying:

MY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION IS TO....... lose weight, get in shape, eat better, not be fat anymore, run a marathon, look good in a bikini, lose my spare tire, look awesome in a man thong (god, I hope not), get a 6 pack, lose the fat on my legs/butt, etc.

Gym membership sales skyrocket!  Personal Training revenue is through the roof!  Some health clubs have a waiting list for the cardio equipment.  Group X classes are filled to capacity.  At some fitness centers parking is so crazy, people have to walk half-a-mile to get to the entrance (sadly, it's probably a better workout than they'll get inside the gym).
Not much success will be achieved here, if my calculations are correct... 
This time of year is really irritating to me, which is surprising considering I am a Personal Trainer and I can easily increase my client list (if I had space).

I'm not against anyone having a GOAL or a RESOLUTION.  I'm actually a big believer in goal setting, and I encourage people to exercise more and eat better on a daily basis.

I don't mind that commercial gyms and fitness centers are so crowded people feel like sardines. I work at a private training facility and lift at a University weight room and a small warehouse gym.

Most of my clients have been at my facility for a while and are trying to get better every session - not start training harder because it's their "resolution".   As far as the University weight room, it's a little more crowded than normal, but most college kids usually train hard year round.  The warehouse I train at is strength training compound, everyone is focused on hitting PR's and getting ready for the next power lifting meet or athletic season.

My problem with this time of the year is that the desire most people have to "Getting FIT in 2012" only lasts a month or so, then begins to fade.  Some time during the month of February it's acceptable to be lazy, eat Twinkies and ignore all the "fitness" goals that people have set for themselves, yet haven't come close to reaching.
2012, the year of ABS!!! 

This time of year it's normal to go to a restaurant and order grilled chicken and some steamed veggies, but a couple months from now I get looked at like I'm vain or shallow and am only concerned with my appearance for ordering a "clean" meal.  If I choose not to have a beer and drink water instead, it's socially acceptable January 1-14th, but after that, "Come on man, have a beer- playoffs are on".

Going to the gym on a Saturday is something to be proud of for the next few weeks, but after that I hear things like, "Don't you do anything fun" and "Let's hit up a bar to watch the games, forget the gym".

Almost every year right about Super Bowl time, the whole "Get Fit CRAZE" turns into "GET FAT (er)".  It only takes about one month for the willpower to evaporate and most of society to get back to the beer guzzling, chicken wing eating, laying on the couch slobs we are used to seeing.

Before we know it the gym parking lots will be half-full, then almost empty.  The Saturday morning "boot camps" will soon become a ghost town because people will be headed to the beach.  The  Group X classes will go from having people lined up at the door to trying to recruit people to come inside.

Are we that weak of a society that our health and well being is only important for around a month?

Instead of a "Resolution" people should make a "Commitment".  A life long commitment to improve their fitness level, better food choices, and reduce mental stress.  Of course, there are more important things in life than being in great shape- staying out late drinking, eating comfort foods, and staying home so you don't miss your favorite TV show are all acceptable reasons to skip a training session and damage your health.

If you're passionate about getting in GREAT shape this year, set your goals HIGH, and ACHIEVE them.  Don't let others drag you down, make this your best year yet!

But, for the next 4-6 weeks be patient with the herd of people fighting for a treadmill so they can perform an intense walk at 2mph, and talk on their cell phone while cranking away on the elliptical.

Welcome to "Resolution Madness".

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