Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There's Something Wrong Here....

Now that we are about a month into the New Year, I guarantee there are there are massive amounts of people who have already failed at their "New Year's Resolution".  Of course, not all resolutions are related to fitness, health, and fat loss- but I'm willing to bet a good majority of people started the month with hopes of getting in shape and losing a few pounds or inches.

Since this blog is primarily about getting leaner, stronger, and all around more awesome, I want to discuss some things that are very puzzling to me in the areas of health and fitness.

How the hell does our obesity rate keep increasing?

To think that 1/3 of the adult population in the US is considered to be obese is downright disturbing. I know that some people relate more to "visuals" rather than "statistics", so go to a mall, grocery store, or anywhere else that you'll find a large gathering of people and I'm sure you'll find a good percentage of those people to fall into the category of  "obese" adults.
Yes, cardio can be boring- but at least it's exercise...... 
I guarantee everyone that falls into the category of "obese" knows that EXERCISE provides numerous benefits for your health and contributes to weight loss. So, can anyone explain how the percentage of people in the US that exercise on a regular basis is DECLINING??? WTF!!!!

It seems that every strip mall or shopping center has a gym or fitness facility somewhere nearby.  Pilates/Yoga studios, Crossfit boxes, and "Franchise" health clubs are everywhere you look, and the parking lots are filled to capacity.  Yet, we're getting fatter and exercising less???

If you watch TV for a brief period of time you'll see commercials for Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Weight Watchers appearing more frequently than ever before.  The amount of infomercials that are related to fitness products is borderline ridiculous.  The Weight Loss industry is stacking up the dough. We're talking billions of dollars spent on exercise equipment and "diet" products that apparently provide nothing beneficial to most consumers.
No supplement can replace quality food! 
People spend a small fortune on "fat burner" pills, powders, and creams.  Vitamins and Supplement sales are
at an all time high, and the "diet book" section at retail book stores continues to grow as well as the mass production of exercise DVD's.  It's crazy to think with all of the money invested in this stuff that somehow we are gaining body fat and becoming more unconditioned than ever before.

If you go into a Starbucks, it's common to hear "I want a skinny____________" and Subway is constantly promoting their "Jared Approved" foods.  Even McDonald's is jumping on the bandwagon by advertising their "healthy" breakfasts, such as fruit and nut oatmeal.   But we still are experiencing a girth increase that is honestly frightening.

So what's the solution?   People are spending time and money at  gyms, book stores, and supplement shops.  Just about every daytime talk show has some segment on "weight loss" and "toning up".  I think people have more knowledge than ever before regarding nutrition and exercise, some information had to be absorbed from all the fitness magazine and book sales....... Something has to be accomplished with all of those people spending hours in the gyms and fitness classes......But look around, obviously what people are doing  to improve their level of leanness is not working.

So, what are we doing wrong?

I wish I had a simple answer.  I wish I could say something that people would want to hear... Unfortunately, I have a theory - one that won't be too popular of looked at in a "positive way".


The majority of people that go to a gym or health club on a regular basis are doing  "fluff" workout. Numerous gym goers spend too much time doing meaningless cardio, such as slowly peddling away on the the elliptical at a snails pace for hours.

How often do you see the squat rack being used (with people squatting correctly)?  Count the number of people you see performing chin-ups or deadlifts.  I guarantee its a number you can count on one hand.  People just "workout" with no real intensity, and I hate to break it to ya your strenuous spinning class is not the answer to your "LEAN IN 2012" goal.  Put some weight on the bar and start grabbing some heavy dumbbells and push, pull, and squat!
I wish more people lifted like this..... 

Eating right is something that has really confused a lot of people.  Most people have been brainwashed to thinking that cereal or other "whole grain" products are a great breakfast choice and low-fat everything is the way to a leaner physique. Eating quality food is a huge factor when it comes to losing those cottage cheese thighs, but most people don't know what quality food really is.

Now I don't want to sound all "PALEO" but if you stick to food from the earth, preferably organic, (nuts, veggies, and fruit) and real meat products (chicken, fish, beef, eggs) and avoid everything else, you'll be on the right track to achieving the body you want.

Most people don't wanna hear this, but if your eating right from Monday to "happy hour" time on Friday and then shovel a bunch of crap down your pie hole during the weekend you're WAY off track!   It might be tough, but limiting yourself to ONE bad meal, is acceptable - frequent stops at the golden arches for a couple days is NOT ACCEPTABLE!  Binge eating weekends can be death traps for the quest to look good naked.

We live in a country where if something is new and flashy it's gotta be good, or a product needs to produce results in record time.  Getting leaner and better shape happens with hard work and dedication, nothing "trendy" needed.  Stop wasting money on gimmicks and weight loss programs. Just pick up a heavy barbell 3-4 days a week, invest $10 on a jump rope and actually use it, and don't eat like an idiot and you will be one step closer to lean and mean in 2012.

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