Friday, February 4, 2011

End of the week thoughts.........

Super bowl weekend!  Ughhhhhh, football is coming to an end, looks like my TV time will be cut down significantly......

I can't believe Spring is right around the corner- although, lately it hasn't been feeling like winter in South Florida (It's been 80 degrees and sunny pretty much the whole week). 

I've read some good articles and blogs this week and also had a few interesting conversations with my clients, which lead to some pretty good content for my end of the week shenanigans.

-Strong women. Gotta love em'.
Women who take weight training seriously are becoming more prevalent in today's society.  The fact that a woman can be strong, lift heavy weights, and still be feminine is a wonderful thing.  My fiance lifts heavy weights, really doesn't do too much cardio and her bodyfat continues to drop.  Most of my female clients are pretty strong and their physiques have improved tremondously since I convinced them to add some weight to the bar.  Not only does being strong look better, it promotes an aura of confidence and toughness that is both a little intimidating and a lot sexy.  Check out this interview to see more of what I'm talking about.

-Book purchases.  I felt it was time to buy some new stuff to read, so I picked up 3 books from I can't wait to open these up and absorb some knowledge.  

These books were recommended by some really smart people so I'm sure there will be a lot of information gained for a really small price (about 65 bucks). 

-Great articleTony Gentilecore has a really good blog.  He posted a great article about cutting through the BS and and why we should focus on getting STRONG(ER).  It's great that Men's Journal has content like this, maybe people will actually start lifting weights rather than playing on that stupid bosu ball!!!

-Conversation. The ING marathon was in Miami, FL last weekend.  One of my clients asked me why I don't run in races like that.  She said "You're competitive, and in good shape, it just seems like something you would do".  My response was polite and to the point, I said "I'm just not into stuff like that".  I could have really let my big mouth run wild but I wanted to keep it positive, and sometimes the less that is said, the better.

Once I thought about it a little more, and watched some of the news clips of people who were finishing the race, I though to myself, no way in hell...... Now I'm not going to go on a rant about long distance runners and their movement patterns, but I'm going to tell you why I'm not and will never be a distance runner=

It doesn't pertain to my goals! 

Here is what I want to achieve from exercise and physical activity- in order.
1-To be healthy and feel young.
2-To move efficiently (move pain free, have above average speed and jumping ability) 
3-To be/get strong(er)
4-Keep my body fat levels low
5-Be ready to suit up on Sunday's if the NFL has a lockout (kidding, well kinda)
Awesome Time- but not my idea of a great physique
I've tried the distance running thing, I entered a few 5 and 10k's and I got weaker and my body fat stayed the same even though I was cranking out the miles.  I can't even imagine what would happen to my strength if I trained for marathons. My knees and lower back hurt, and my movement patters looked horrible.  So basically, distance running did nothing to helping my achieve my goals.

If a person has different goals related to running a long distance, by all means run until  your shoes wear out- then run some more.  If your one of your goals is to be healthy and live injury free and you have constant knee pain from running, wouldn't you be contradicting your goal because of running? Just something to think about.....

-Super Bowl pick.  I'm going to root for the Packers this weekend.  I have no affiliation with either team, but I would like to see Sam Shields from the U get a Super Bowl ring.  The guy never really lived up to his potential in college and is now STARTING in the Super Bowl, persistence definitely pays off......

-Have a great weekend!!!

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Anonymous said...

You should find out what exercises the guys from the Jersey Shore do. Those guys are ripped. Especially the Situation. Probably better than reading those books from Amazon. Good luck.