Friday, February 11, 2011

End of the week thoughts.........

Happy Friday!  This has been a really productive week.  I (my fiance) uploaded some more videos to my YouTube channel, my books arrived from amazon, and my lifting/conditioning/diet, has been on point!  I've seen, read, and heard some things this week that made me think a little more than usual- which leads me to my end of the week thoughts.

-Diet Soda is the Devil. A lot of people have asked me if I heard "the news" about the dangers of diet soda that was released this past week.  I saw it first on an evening news program, then read an article on-line. For years there have been questions about the safety of artificial sweeteners and now diet soda is linked to stroke and other vascular conditions.

I'll be honest, I enjoy a Diet Coke every now and then, but do I think that will be detrimental to my health?  Of course not.  Too much of anything artificial is not good.   Actually too much of almost anything can cause some sort of problem. 

People shouldn't read to much into this study if you occasionally have a diet soda.  However, if you are constantly chugging the stuff, that might create some health issues.

If people are concerned about their hydration levels and achieving good health water should be the #1 beverage of choice.  Unsweetened Organic Green Tea should be second (not the Lipton or Snapple flavored crap).  If it came down to a regular or diet soda, I would choose diet because the caloric factor (shallow, I know).

-Saturated Fat.  On the same news program that informed me that Diet Soda was gonna lead me to an early death, I was also told to have only have ONE egg a day because of the saturated fat content.  I thought this myth was put to bed, but unfortunately the media likes to stick to its guns and keeps informing us of information that doesn't hold up to current research.

I happen to love saturated fat!  Not the saturated fat from Hooters Wings or Outback's Bloomin' Onion.  I'm talking about the saturated fat that was here hundreds of years ago-  organic eggs, grass fed beef, and coconut oil (actually everything was pretty much organic back then).  Those 3 foods have many other nutrients the body needs and provides a good source of protein from the eggs and beef, and MCT's from the coconut oil.  Like I said above, too much of anything isn't good- but the right amounts of quality nutrients can do wonders for your health and physique.

-Giving Advice (and being ignored).  So, I was finishing up a squat workout on Monday and the kid next to me, probably around 21, was getting starting with his calf raises- cough cough I mean squats.  Let's just say that he was not reaching proper squat depth.  I tried to inform him that to effectively activate his glutes and hamstrings he need to drop a little lower, and sink his hips toward the ground. I got the common response, "I can't because I'm a little pansy I have bad knees".

I don't know why but I went into a little detail explaining and quoting stuff from anybody and everybody who has tremendous knowledge about the squat and functional anatomy. The kid didn't look interested, so I left it alone.

Not the best source for training advice....
The crazy thing is, I heard the same kid asking one of the JUICE HEADS "What supplements do you take?"  I guess I need to pack on about 30lbs, wear a wife beater, and have an arms day before I am qualified to give advice.

Well that's all folks. Have a great weekend and STAY STRONG!


Bryan said...

Great post and I learned my lesson long ago about giving advice...."don't give it unless somebody asks." There are way too many "ego-lifters" in gyms, and it would be way too detrimental to their ego if they had to lower the weight and perform the movement not only correctly, but more effectively as well. I learned to just let those individuals be and then watch their progress NEVER change!

Damon Brobst CSCS said...

Bryan- I usually just do my thing and don't attempt to give advice- but I figured, might as well help this kid out.....Oh well, live and learn.
Speaking of "ego lifters" I saw an awesome 2 man bench press yesterday "all you!!!"- Had to laugh my ass off!

Hardline Fitness said...

I stopped giving out "advice" a while back. A lot of people would come up to me and ask for help and when I would try and explain stuff to them, they always just ended up ignoring the advice anyways. For example, I had a kid come up to me one day complaining of intense elbow pain. At the time he was doing tons of skull crushers. I told him that if they are hurting his elbow than he should stop. He agreed and thanked me. Ten minutes later I looked over and still saw him doing the same thing. This is pretty much standard operating procedure for a lot of people in the gym.