Friday, February 25, 2011

End of the week thoughts.........

I didn't get a chance to do my "End of the week thoughts" last Friday.  I took the day off from school because I had to get a lot of wedding stuff done, train 6 sessions at the gym, get my "lift on", and cook an awesome dinner (cedar plank mahi).

Although I would have rather been at the beach, I did happen to get a lot of important stuff accomplished.  Most importantly, my marriage certificate- yes, I am really getting married (and extremely happy about it!).  

So here are some thought that have been brewing since last week, hope you enjoy......

-Training Schedule (me).  I had a great training session on Friday, lifting at 10am is a lot better for me than 4 or 5pm. I can't wait until summer is here so I can train at my convenience .  Lifting heavy things after spending most of my day outdoors, running around with the kids for 4-5 hours is a lot different then training when I am physically fresh.  Did I mention that I am up at 3:45am???

If I lifted at my ideal time every session, I am sure I would be achieving better strength gains then I am making right now.  I hate to make excuses, so I just have to keep busting my ass and bring some built up energy to the gym every time I lift and realize that any gain is a good gain.

I actually posted a typical "work" day in my life a few weeks ago, I am a pretty busy guy, and I make it a point to get to the gym and try to improve every time I train.  It amazes me how lazy and pathetic some people are when it comes to getting in better physical condition.

-Training Schedule (clients)-  I have a full schedule with clients these days.  If there were more hours in the day I'm sure I could fill those hours with clients, which is definitely not a bad thing.

I am looking forward to the summer so I can spend more time training at the gym.  I am going to incorporate group training and focus on building a reputation for getting people results that exceeded their expectations.

The more I have been learning about training and customer service the more passionate I have become about improving my business skills and creating my brand of personal training/coaching in South Florida.  It will be all about getting results through real training NOT all the gimmick BS and fancy stuff. 
This make me want to stick a pencil in my eye!

-Intermittent Fasting. This is something that I've been reading about for the past year.  I was a little skeptical at first because we are all brainwashed to believe 6 meals a day, eat every 2-3 hours is the ONLY way to get shredded. 

After looking more into this type of eating plan and seeing some amazing results, I realize that this strategy might be something I should seriously consider.  There is a lot of good information out there with this approach to eating, check out for the most comprehensive information backed by research. 

Other information can be found from people who used this approach such as John Romaniello, as he outlined here.    Plenty of reputable fitness professionals have tried this method for fat loss with great success, I might have to reprogram my own way of thinking and jump on the bandwagon.

Although, skipping my gourmet breakfast will be a real challenge- I'm hungry in the morning!

Have a great weekend, stay tuned for some updated workouts and my 2 weeks til marriage nutrition plan.......

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