Friday, October 22, 2010


I love Friday's! If I could wake up every morning and just convince myself it's Friday, I would go through the week in a much better mood. I have been debating on what I should include in my first couple blog's- should I rant, should I inform, or should I make people laugh?? (like anyone is reading this). Well I guess I'll do a little bit of the first two .

RANT- Drove by McDonald's this am (on the way to Starbucks) and I saw groups of parents and kids stopping to get breakfast. The majority of them were obese or at least overweight. Shouldn't parents take the initiative to feed their children a healthy breakfast? I mean, come on, McDonald's! Cook for your kids and yourself, start the day in a healthy way....

INFORM- The majority of people exercising avoid the most beneficial, useful exercises. We squat everyday to sit, pick stuff up, and go to the bathroom. However in the gym you will see far more people performing the leg extension then a weighted squat. When do we ever perform a leg extension in our everyday lives. Start squatting (correctly), you will burn more calories, strengthen more parts of your body, and overall perform everyday activities more efficiently.

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