Monday, October 25, 2010

There is a difference.....

On Friday I mentioned the importance of performing squats as a tremendous exercise that has numerous benefits. However, I should have said "squatting correctly". If you go into any commercial gym you will see almost everyone "butchering" the squat. Every time I go to the gym to train myself I pretty much feel sick to my stomach watching some of these clowns and clownettes perform a squat incorrectly.
For the most part, most people only perform a 1/4 squat. If your thighs are not at least parallel to the ground you are not adequately recruiting your glutes and hamstrings. Don't say "Isn't it bad for your knees to squat below parallel"- then you are pretty much a full retard when it comes to body mechanics. I also see the knees shooting forward rather then the hips shooting back. To correct this start with a box squat. With a box squat you can judge your depth and focus on shooting your hips back and your knees staying neutral rather then shooting forward.

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