Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Simple ways to improve your physique

If you have taken the first few steps to becoming healthier, leaner, and stronger, these little changes can be just what you need to keep from getting bored or complacent .

-Change up your cardio routine. If you do intervals try steady state cardio. If you do steady state try intervals. If you do both, try body weight/weighted circuits. Or if you want to go "old school" start jumping rope. Now I'm not saying to change forever, but for the next 3 weeks try something different. I know there are people out there that say "steady state cardio is worthless" or "I can't keep my heart rate up for a long enough time doing intervals". That's because you are in a comfort zone and need to get out! Try something different and see how it works, it just might help you break through your plateau.

-Eat more FAT! Swap those processed carbs for some good old fat. Eat almonds, cashews, walnuts instead of chips or pretzels. Eat some real eggs for breakfast. Eat some grass fed beef and give buffalo a try. Cook in coconut oil- don't be afraid of saturated fat! You can also drizzle some olive oil on your veggies or salad. Adding flax seeds or chia seeds on a salad is easy and tastes great. When in doubt take some fish oil softgels, helps the heart, brain, and body.

-Eat more green vegetables throughout the day. Have some spinach with your eggs. Cut up a cucumber and pour some rice wine vinegar on it and have it to accompany a chicken breast. Have some broccoli or asparagus with your steak, turkey, or buffalo. For dinner make a big salad with different varieties of lettuce and add some protein. Green veggies will make you feel full so you will eat less and also provide a broad spectrum of nutrients.

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