Friday, March 4, 2011

End of the week thoughts.........

Okay.... It's count down time to my wedding.  Next Saturday will be here before I know it, and it is really exciting and not as stressful as I would have thought.  That is in large part to my fiance who has taken care of just about everything, and she has done an awesome job.

I did book the hotel in New York (The Standard) and dinner at STK, and I also got my suit tailored (Of course, I had to do that)

There is a lot of good reading these days in the fitness/strength and condiditioning field, check out Ben Bruno's Good Reads if you haven't- it's like a cheat sheet to everything that is worth reading throughout the week.

Here are some things that have crossed my mind througout the week related to nothing in particular:

-Glutes.  It is amazing to me that more guys don't try to improve there glute function and glute strength and as well as glute appearance.  One of the reason's that most guys lift weights is to impress the ladies.  I've heard lots girls make fun of guys with flat butts and twig legs, especially when they are Bicep-asaouros Rex.

Instead of doing arms 3 days a week for like 4.5 hours, why not do some real squats, lunge variations, and weighted hip thrusts?  No, the leg press does not improve your ass.

-Diet.  I've discussed my current diet set up this week (here and here) and I've heard some interesting comments in regards to nutrition and eating plans.  So many people are quick to give diet advice and almost all of them have really never take time to look at the variety of research that is out there relating to nutrition.

Some of the research involving supplements and protein powders may be a little biased because some of the researchers have and affiliation with a supplement company.  For the most part there is a lot of good nutrition out there once you get through the BS. 

I am very happy with my current diet set up, my energy is great, I am dropping some pounds, and I feel good moving some weight around.  I was so brainwashed into one way of thinking in regards to nutrition, it was nice to question the norms and do something different. 

-Body weight complexes.  I hate em!  I know they are beneficial and I am going to do them, but they just plain suck!  Try this at the end of your workout:
20 lunge jumps
10 push ups
20 lunges
10 inverted rows
10 squat jumps
20 mountain climbers
20 squats
60 second plank
Do that 2- 3 times and tell me how ya feel.  It's a very different type of conditioning and if you hate something, that usually means you should do more of it!

-Charlie Sheen.  What else is there to say???

-Weekend.  I plan on exercising both days, and eating pretty close to perfect.  I'm also planning on going to the Viceroy pool in Miami on Saturday.  I love the fact that I have the choice of awesome pools and the beach at my disposal pretty much every month of the year.  With all of the outdoor activities and great stuff to do, it puzzles me that so many people chose to sit inside and eat their left over girl scout cookies. 

Til next time, have a great weekend.

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