Friday, January 7, 2011

End of the week thoughts.........

So we pretty much made it through the first week of 2011. Not too bad, right? I am back at teaching full time and my clients at the gym have been steady, so have my workouts, which make for a busy ass week. Just the way I like it....

Anyway, it's time to discuss some things that I've been thinking about over the past week or so, and I feel like it's only right that you read them.

-The above picture is my fridge on a Sunday night. I am pretty much a type A/anal person. I like things in order and I need to be organized. For the vast majority of people who had a New Year's resolution to "Lose weight, Get in Shape", my advice is- PRIOR PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE. I don't know who I stole that quote from, if I did, I would give credit where credit is due. To simplify things- write a (healthy) grocery list, go to the store, get only whats on the list, cook your food, package your food, and eat your food!

You should also know what you are going to do at the gym before you get there. Hopefully you have your week, month, or even longer programed with a resistance/cardio plan. I see way too many people walking around the gym in circles and 99% of the time women end up doing the abductor/adductor machine, and guys end of doing curls or a tricep exercise. A crappy program would be better to follow than no program at all.

-It amazes me how many"Resolution" people think they already deserve a cheat weekend. Just because you ate good for 5 days does not make it an excuse to load up on crap over the weekend. Some people are just freakin' clueless! They get this big "New Year/New me Resolution" about getting lean and mean and after 5 days they feel they've accomplished something. Here's a hint go 4 weeks strong, then allow yourself some form of cheat meal. If you think you can drink 12 beers, eat wings, fast food, and pizza after 5 days of clean eating and you will still achieve your goal, I guarantee you'll still be pleasantly plump in December.

-Cheat meals. In the above paragraph I kinda bashed them, well almost. In all honesty, they can be beneficial if they are planned and you have already eaten strict for at least 2-4 weeks. It's important people don't go overboard, one day or more than likely one cheat meal is sufficient. Cheating/overfeeding can keep your mental sanity and cause a metabolic spike (actually it can do a lot more=secretion of hormones, increase leptin, increase fat oxidation, improve insulin resistance) words and phrases that the average person doesn't understand. There is ton of info on this stuff, and there are people more qualified then me to go into greater detail. Check out Lyle McDonald and Joel Marion.

-Internet experts/bashers. There are a lot of people out there that claim they "know it all" or go out of their way to put down others because of some things that they have discussed in blogs/articles. I know I' have put down "personal trainers who suck" many times, but that's because I've seen it with my own eyes and more often than not, it's a safety issue. Everyone has a right to their opinion and that's what blogging/writing is all about. But, if your going to put someone down, at least leave an email address so the subject matter can be discussed in a mature-respectful way not on some bs forum.

I like the 10,000 hour rule when it relates to this topic. Unless you've spent 10,000 hours doing/practicing a task or job you really should keep your opinion to yourself. If you don't train "real" people and just spend your day typing shit on forums and "reader comments" - get an f'in life! I've seen way too much negativity directed towards knowledgeable professionals, and it was probably written by some geek using the computer in their mom's basement.

Awesome weather in Fort Lauderdale, 60 and sunny! Have a great weekend, I will!

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