Friday, January 14, 2011

End of the week thoughts.........

Once again it's Friday, thank god!  It's been a pretty crazy week and I have Monday off from school so this Friday I am in a pretty awesome mood.  Actually, I try to go in everyday with a great outlook on life, there's too much good stuff going on, and the bad stuff really isn't worth wasting my energy over. I've gotta kind of busy weekend lined up, family coming into town for my Fiance's bridal shower on Saturday, and Monday we're going to visit the YACHT (wedding venue) to get a few things finalized .

During the bridal shower, I'll probably be at Barnes & Noble reading philosophy books while my Fiance, family, and friends do girlie things like talk about Oprah, open gifts, and go on and on about how lucky she is..... .

Orrrrrr, I could go down to South Beach and enjoy the amazing weather and local watering holes......... Decisions-decisions.....

Anyway, here are my closing thought for the week:

-Internet Trainers - I read Mike Boyle's blog about people in the fitness industry who are more internet marketing experts rather then training experts.  I am really glad someone with Mike's credibility about this topic. There are keyboard commandos making a fortune from people because of their OMG WOW internet sites and making incredible claims regarding body transformations.  Most of the general public just doesn't know any better, it's time to wake up folks, everyone is an expert in internet land.  Check out Mike's blog here.

-8 weeks to go.... My wedding is 8 weeks from tomorrow.  No cold feet, no being nervous, I'm just really excited to be a great husband and later down the road an awesome father.  I also trying to get myself in spectacular  physical condition by the time the wedding rolls around.  My nutrition is on point, my workouts are solid, and my mindset is all about stepping to the next level of awesomeness.

I am following a modified carb cycling diet, lifting 3 days a week, sprinting twice a week, running hills or sled work at least once, doing a ton of jumping rope, and even doing some steady state incline walking for calorie burning/restoration purposes.  I have designated Friday as my "high carb" day and of course my brutal lifting day, hang cleans and deadlifts anyone????

-Blogging. It seems everyone has a blog and almost every topic in the health/fitness/strength & conditioning spectrum has been discussed.  There are a lot of people who take everything way too serious.  Not everyone who writes a blog is knowledgeable and some people just try to stir up trouble on the internet.  I enjoy writing my blog and trying to provide educated and entertaining information to anyone who chooses to read my posts.  I also enjoy calling out idiot trainers and morons in the gym, I honestly think these people are here for our entertainment.

-If you are trying to lower your lactose intake and you put milk/cream in your coffee, here's suggestion- a couple dashes of cinnamon and 1/2 packet of splenda.  A lot better then your "skinny latte"

-If you want to add something different to your salad, try Chia seeds.  Omega 3's, antioxidants, and fiber. One tablespoon does the trick to add some variety to boring leafy greens.

-Spending 90 minutes doing bi's and tri's is moronville at it's best.  You don't need to do 900 varieties of curls from every different angle and with 12 different grips.  Spending more time doing concentration curls than training your legs is just plain retarded. 

-I did not know that between the hours of 4-6 my gym has a uniform policy- "wife beater" tank top, thick silver chain, and you have to carry a gallon jug of water.  You are also required to drop your weights, look like you're pissed at the world, and flex in the mirror at least twice before you leave. 

Have an awesome weekend!


Anonymous said...

Enough about cleaning and jerking. When are you going to start a college football blog???

p.s. Love the picture of an angry Luke Wilson!!

Damon Brobst CSCS said...

I only do cleans, not the overhead portion of the lift. In the next phase of training I will be hitting up some snatches, if you were wondering..... As far as a college football blog- I need to give that some thought.

An angry Luke Wilson? Never heard that one, but I have heard I have a resemblance to Anthony Perkins, Mr. Psycho himself.....