Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting down to business.......

I just gave myself a swift kick in the ass and decided I need to get focused, kick up the intensity, and take IT to the next level. What the hell am I talking about?  First of all with my physical goals, I really need to keep my diet on track a little bit more if I'm going to achieve extreme leanness.  I've been really good about 90% of the time, which under normal circumstances would be okay.  However, my wedding will be here in 45 days and I've gotta look my best on the biggest day of my life! 

What I have decided to do is make up a penalty system based on "cheating".  If I eat or drink something that is not applicable to helping me get more awesome, I have to pay a $$$ fine.  The fines range anywhere from 5-10 bucks, but they can add up quickly and paying cash will definitely make me more accountable for what I eat and drink.  For instance, if I eat some chips, pasta, and drink a beer- I owe $25 to my "penalty box".  I have allowed myself ONE cheat meal every 2 weeks which will suffice for my former fat boy cravings.

Now on to the professional side of things. I can thank Bret Contreras for serving me a harsh plate of reality and possibly throwing a BS flag in my face. I respect Bret for his knowledge, the information he puts out, and more importantly, a strength coach who practices what he preaches.  Here is an excerpt from Bret's blog:

My bullshit meter goes through the roof when a coach or trainer doesn’t have a Youtube page, or if I click on their Youtube page and all I see is bodyweight push ups, bodyweight inverted rows, bodyweight lunges, and bodyweight hip thrusts.
The first word in strength coach and strength & conditioning is “strength.”  If you can’t get your athletes strong with good form then I don’t think you’re good at what you do. You might fool the layperson with your fancy talk but the strength coaches who are bulletproofing their athletes and increasing power production know better.
As I’ve already mentioned, many individuals don’t want to take science into account these days, but there’s a large body of literature in support of strength for injury prevention and improved performance purposes.

I try to educate myself the best I can in regards to the human body and nutrition (in all of my free time, haha).  I have been a little behind the times when it comes to technology.  Starting a Facebook page was something I realize I needed to do so I am able to network with some of the top coaches in the industry.  I recently started a twitter page, which I hardly use, but I do see the point with connecting with knowledgeable professionals through a variety of applications.

I realize the next step is a youtube page.  Yes- I am more than little late in regards to the internet age of training.  I really do suck at any and all forms of technology.  I am slowly getting better. I also think videos of myself, my clients, and hopefully my fiance (if she'll let me) will shed some light to what type of workouts my clients go through and also show that I'm a trainer/coach who does walk the walk.

Videos of my clients who range from athletes to business men/women to housewives will be interesting for people to watch and hopefully learn from.  It will be motivation for me as well, my clients better use proper form and an adequate weight so I don't get my ass handed me in the comments section of the blog.  I also need to make sure the videos of me are a little more impressive than a 315lb. deadlift.   If I don't show some sort to reputable strength I might as well hide behind my keyboard like some Internet trolling geek. 

I plan of having some videos up and running within the next 3 weeks.  Be Patient.  If I do something that represents me professionally I want it to be done right.  So stay tuned, I plan on becoming a much better writer, lifter, and trainer/coach - hopefully you will be along for the ride.  Thanks for reading.....

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