Monday, January 3, 2011

Amateur Week!

It's the first Monday of the New Year and in gyms across the country there will be an influx of new faces of what I like to call "the resolution people". Just like New Year's Eve at a bar or party is amateur night, most gyms will be filled to capacity with people trying to "get in shape" during amateur week.

For the serious gym enthusiast, it is quite humorous to see the "resolution crowd" all dressed up in their brand new under armor gear, lining up for the cardio equipment in the hopes of shedding some unwanted pounds. The elliptical machines will probably have a wait list and those recumbent bikes will all have people peddling away like their in the tour de france.

My favorite is of course, the guy in the smedium shirt, wearing gloves and a belt, while walking on the treadmill at a snails pace. Or of course, the spandex coated women who sits on the abductor/adductor machine while on her cell phone for 30 minutes, then performs endless sets of crunches thinking she will achieve a lean pair of legs and a six-pack.

You almost have to give these people a little credit. They made an effort to improve their physical condition by making it to the gym. They're not at home using the shake weight or the Zumba dvd they got for Christmas. I just wish they had an organized plan of attack. Instead of going to the gym and walking in circles and getting nothing accomplished, seek out some professional advice from someone who knows a little something about getting people in shape.

I suggest hiring knowledgeable personal trainer to help reach your fitness goals. The only problem is that a good personal trainer is about as hard to find as fresh sushi in Iowa. I suggest that anybody who is thinking about paying a trainer read this article before you hand over your hard earned cash to someone who doesn't know their ass from their elbow.

If you are really serious about improving your physique, cleaning up your diet should be first and foremost objective. I suggest you check out the Precision Nutrition program. Or if you are extremely serious and money allows, hire someone such as Shelby Starnes to design a personal nutrition plan to hold you more accountable for the food you put in your body.

For the rest of us, the people that live to lift heavy things, be patient with these people. I know that seeing someone perform 10 sets of curls in the squat rack while you are waiting to do some heavy front squats can pretty much drive you insane. But you really only have a few weeks of dealing with the "resolution army". Most of them will soon be back on their couch watching Oprah and blaming everyone else for being overweight and out of shape.

I only hope they prove me wrong, I would love to see the obesity rate drop and more people passionate about exercise and eating right. Its all about what's important, a healthier life, or going to happy hour and eating chicken wings 3 nights a week.

For the people who stick with their goals and achieve positive results toward a healthier life- I applaud you. To be honest, not many people reach the goals they set up for themselves during the new year, dare to be different.

It's time to kick average in the ass and become elite. Today, tomorrow, and for the next few months stick with a plan that will make you proud to look in the mirror and realize that your hard work has paid off.

Be someone that turns heads, be someone that commands positive attention, be someone YOU admire, it won't be easy - but nothing worth achieving ever is.......

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Mark Reyes said...

Well Said.

Its unfortunate, that no one wants to put forth an effort to achieve anything in life.