Friday, January 21, 2011

End of the week thoughts.........

Once again we made it through another week.  I had Monday off from school because of MLK day which was nice, but the week was still exhausting.  My weekend looks pretty good, a few clients tomorrow morning, and of course, I need to do some type of workout to keep myself on the pursuit of leanness.

I have a stocked fridge and some food ready to grill so my eating will be on track, although I will enjoy a good Saturday night out. I decided to go ahead and buy Heat tickets, hopefully they start playing better and the Big 3 are all back from injury.

This afternoon I have a great training session lined up for myself, I'm ready to move some pounds. I love lifting on a Friday!  It's great to end the week by beating myself up with some heavy weight and then devaouring a nice steak for dinner. 

Anyway, it's time for the end of the week thoughts, a random collection of things that have been running through my brain.......

-Is walking for 5 minutes on the treadmill a good idea of a warm-up?  Better yet, is paying someone to stand there and talk to you while you warm-up necessary? Hell No!  I see it all the time, people hire a personal trainer and of course, "5 min on the treadmill" is the regular protocol to begin a session.  It just bugs me when I see people paying good money for BAD service.  There are so many more effective ways to get the body ready for exercise, and they actually require a trainer to work- and that's what they are getting paid to do!

-P90X and Crossfit.  I have seen sooooo many articles and blog posts about these two topics and it seems they are either loved or HATED!   I really have strong feelings about  what forms of exercise are best for specific goals, but I really don't want to jump on the bandwagon of bashing or endorsing these two programs.  Let's just say that I'm glad some people are motivated to get in better physical condition.  If you happen to try one of these programs and get injured, don't get noticeable results, or give up and quit- It obviously wasn't the right program for you.

-If you made a New Year's resolution dealing with health and fitness, are you still on the right track?  Right now we are 3 weeks into 2011.  21 days is a significant time frame to see some physical changes, improvements in conditioning, and some strength gains- if you've been sticking with a reputable program.  The reason why I'm bringing this up is, I've already seen a reduction in the number of people that workout at my gym.  How are some people so weak willed an lazy? Actually it is better for me, less of a crowd=more productive workouts! So keep being lazy......

-Off topic. Yesterday, 2 Miami-Dade Police Officers were killed the line of duty.  Both Officers have children that attend my school.  It is extremely sad that there are some people in our society that have such little regard for human life.  Now two teenagers, who are great students, will go through their lives without one of their  parents because of an evil act of violence. In this situation you have 2 Officers doing their job and their lives were cut short by an armed fugitive with nothing to lose. My take home point- You never know what tomorrow may bring.  Live your life to the fullest.  Tell your loved ones how you feel.  Create a positive lasting impression to all of  those around you.  Life is too short, every morning is a new chance to create a better day than yesterday, be thankful you have that opportunity.

-Have a "lively, loving, and fun" weekend!

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toryblaha said...

I like the P90x plyo and kenpo as a supplement to my running training as well as the xstretch as an extra workout.