Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another lame 2010 list.......

It seems that writing a list or discussing things that occurred, we liked/disliked, or learned in 2010 is the thing to do in the blogging community. I would feel left out if I didn't compile my personal list of random topics regarding 2010.

I assume most people don't want to read some geeky/emotional post, so I'll try to be true to my personality and be as random-sarcastic as possible (with a little professionalism thrown in).

I'll start with my "best of" 2010

Best Blog - Tony has an incredible way of discussing "fitness" related topics in an extremely humorous manner. His personality and knowledge come through in his writing and he is definitely a strength coach who "walks the walk". Some great "glute" pics are thrown it for a little motivation.

Best youtube video - Zach Krych Injury and Comeback. I saw this today on a link posted by Bret Contreras on Facebook. Great motivation to get off your ass and lift some heavy weights.

Best Book (strength training) - 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler. I know this program was released earlier than 2010, but I didn't purchase the book until January. It really is the simplest method to develop pure strength without over thinking things and trying to be fancy.

Best Book (nutrition) - Food Rules by Michael Pollan. A very simple read that could be completed in a couple trips to the toilet. Practical nutrition information that is easy to understand and should be followed by anyone looking to improve their health.

Best website - T-Nation. It was a toss up between T-Nation and Elitefts, but because of the modern web design and articles that focus on being more awesome I had to go with good ole testosterone. The hot chicks on the site also swayed my thinking a little.

Best Magazine - Men's Fitness. I almost puked when I saw "The Situation" on the cover, but some really good articles on getting leaner and stronger by some great authors (without all the dudes in thongs).

Best Supplement- Jack3d by USP labs. After working a long day I need a little kick in the ass so I can dominate in the gym. I like how Jack3d has creatine and beta-alanine and doesn't have a whole lot of fillers. I think the politically correct supplement would be fish oil, but I pretty much consider that a necessity rather than a supplement.

Best "new" piece of equipment - TRX. Gotta love the simplicity of the TRX. It can really be used anywhere and pretty much with every client I work with in come capacity. It has been around for a little while but I just started to use it in June.

Best Beer - Guiness. I've always enjoyed this beer, but for the past few months it really hits the spot!

Best Wine- Stoneleigh Pinot Noir 2009. Really smooth, can be enjoyed with some good food or on its own. I only drink it because of the "health" benefits. yeah right!

Best Drink - Ketel One and Club soda w/lime. Low calorie and easy to sip on.

Best Restaurant- Cecconi's at the SOHO house in South Beach. Great steaks an phenomenal atmosphere.

Best Movie - The Town. From start to finish the acting and story line kept me engaged. With my "adult ADHD" not many movies can keep me intrigued for 2 hours.

Best CD- Eminen - Recovery. I like a lot of music, but most CD's I tend to skip from song to song. Not this one, I just let it play through and get amped up!

Best Concert- Jack Johnson. I've been to some great live shows but probably the best concert I have ever seen. I do love a little Hatebreed and Jay-Z, but I also like some mellow stuff in my down time and seeing Jack Johnson live was amazing.

Best TV show - Entourage. This season started off a little crazy, but the finale made up for the first few episodes. Gotta love that Johnny Drama, best Actor of all time! haha

Best Moment- Me getting engaged. The best moment of my life, until my wedding of course (March 12). Life has gotten better everyday since!

Now for the worst........

Worst TV show - The Biggest Loser. Yelling at and putting down obese people by an uneducated trainer should not be a hit TV show. I think the concept is great. Seeing people lose weight and try to start a healthier life should be appreciated but I cant stand the way the contestants are treated most of the time. To be honest, I've only watch about 20 minutes of the show all season -I didn't want to puke up my dinner.

Worst fitness related debate - Single Leg Training. I agree with both sides, and I think most people do, but this topic should not create friction between strength coaches. I have to say I did enjoy reading articles from very knowledgeable strength coaches regarding their feelings on the subject. Squat and deadlift on one leg or two, it's your call, just as long as you don't do drop sets on the abductor machine.

Worst Fitness Product- The Shake Weight. This is the sign that the apocalypse is coming........

Worst Guy in the Gym - Mr. wifebeater, glove wearing, belt wearing, sunglass wearing, blow out hair cut, jersey shore wanna be, who does curls in the squat rack and flexes afterward. Whatta moron!!!!

Worst Nightclub- Haze at the Aria in Vegas. My fiance and I took a trip to Vegas for my 35th and this club had a shady crowed as well as very poor door service (and we were on the VIP list).

Worst TV network - Bravo. My eyes and ears bleed when my fiance puts on this channel. I can pretty much guarantee my testosterone level drops as well.

So there you have it, my lame 2010 list. All in all, it was an AWESOME year! I'm sure 2011 will be even better, but I still have a day or so to cherish 2010. Have a great New Year!

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