Thursday, November 18, 2010

A fast buck in fitness.....

Yesterday I was contacted by an old co-worker and was asked to become a part of the "greatest and most cutting edge" development in the fitness/weight loss industry. I was told that I could actually get paid designing nutrition programs for people (really dumb ass- I could probably get paid for training people as well....). The great part is I would come in as an "executive" and once I had a few of my clients buy into the program and become "distributors", they would be working for me.

This "ground breaking" development is a computer based nutrition/diet program, where "a computer does all the work". All clients have to do is choose what diet they want and their goals and a computer will tell them everything they need to do to get their results. Oh yeah, people will be sent text messages when they should eat. So, if you're in a business meeting and you get a text from this program, tell your boss "Sorry, I have to leave, I got a text that told me I need to go eat chicken and broccoli". Are you for real???? Once I heard the statement "People aren't gonna lose money on this, all they have to lose is weight", I had to start laughing. This is f'in ridiculous I told myself, but I had to keep listening, the guy wouldn't shut up.

The best part of the conversation was when I was informed that in 3 weeks I would be driving around town in a "black beamer" (sorry, but I'm a truck guy). Of course, I finally had to cut this conversation (sales call) off, I had a client waiting. I could not help thinking how I just wasted 20 minutes of time listening to this garbage. The fitness industry is full of gimmicks, idiots, and schemes designed to make a fast buck and people are desperate so the believe in this crap. Getting people to follow a nutritional/diet plan is not that simple. A lot of time, thought, and consideration needs to occur before you can actually determine what a person should be eating to achieve their goals. NOT just clicking on a few icons on a computer screen!

I really wish situations like this didn't occur. It really makes me feel bad for all those people buying it to this stuff, literally, and waisting a lot of money. The best part of it all is when I got home and turned on the TV, I saw a commercial for the "Shake Weight", I'm just glad I didn't throw my remote against the wall! Hopefully through educated, professional personal trainers and strength coaches people can achieve a healthier life without falling for this type of stuff.

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