Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Joe Kenn's Research

I was fortunate to meet Joe Kenn at a Hammer Strength Coaches Clinic Last March. If you are in the strength and conditioning field or even the personal training field, Joe Kenn should be one person that you take his advice to heart. Joe operates Big House Power and speaks at several clinics/conferences throughout the country. If you get a chance to see him speak, don't pass it up. He is extremely motivational and puts stuff in perspective when it comes down to getting stronger and in better physical condition.

You may be asking yourself, so what's your point? Well, I've been reviewing a lot of the information that I have gathered over the years from clinics/conferences and other literature and Joe's one hour lecture made just about more sense then any other piece of training advice. When It comes down to it, it's about the basics, the foundation. However, some people have "research" that leads you toward other methods of training. Kenn's quote "I AM THE RESEARCH", has been repeatedly running through my mind as I train my clients and work with my students.

There is research out there that can prove everybody wrong and everybody right. So many people love to quote research and focus on a group of individuals that lost 2.3 lbs of body fat vs. 4.2 lbs of body fat doing intervals on a bike vs. intervals on a treadmill. What does this really tell us? I know some research, test studies, and statistics are vital to the strength and conditioning field. When it comes down to it, if we are getting positive results with our athletes and clients, isn't that research.

I've done research on myself pretty much my entire "training" life. Over the past year, I was a little more specific. I decided to documented my own training and my nutrition plan. I know what set and rep scheme is best of for me to gain strength, to put on size, and to lose body fat. I know what foods I should eat to stay lean or to put on a little size. I know certain foods are not right for me, even though they are though of as "healthy". I know what to do in terms of interval training, complexes, or cardio to get the results I want. Isn't that research. More importantly, I know that most of the research I conducted on myself can be manipulated to fit different individuals and passed on to the people that I train and they can get the results that they want.

I really had a great time meeting Coach Kenn and discussing effective ways to make athletes/clients stronger and logical and effective methods of progression. I will continue to do my "research" and focus on doing what is worthwhile and reject what is useless. I will also look at studies and statistics on various topics which might influence me to implement changes or validate what I am currently doing in terms of training and nutrition. All in all, conduct your research and determine what will bring the best results to your athletes and clients- that is what it all comes down to anyway.....

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