Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The sweat before the feast....

Yesterday I discussed some nutritional strategies that will help fight the dreaded weight gain that comes with the holidays. Today I want to talk about some exercise suggestions that will kick start that metabolism into high gear. You need to workout Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday- but perform different routines then you normally do on those days. The key is to not miss a workout. I know Thursday has the Macy's Parade in the morning, football at mid-day, and Stuff-yo-face-feel-like-crap time during late afternoon. The workouts won't ruin your day or take up too much time, they will actually improve your overall mood and energy levels. I will begin with the Wednesday workout and follow-up tomorrow with Thursday and Fridays routine.

Wednesday. Begin with a dynamic warm-up for upper and lower body (about 10 min). Once you are warmed up you will perform these exercises, in order for 1o reps, no rest between exercises, and 1 minute rest between each round- you will do three rounds.
-front squats (comfortable weight for 10 reps)
-push-ups (or clap push-ups if you are more advanced)
-reverse lunges (alternate legs-10 on each/20 total)
-seated rows (or TRX rows)
-jump squats
-dumbbell curl to shoulder press (both arms at same time, keep elbows in/thumbs up)

Once you are done, get on any cardio equipment (treadmill, bike, stepmill, or elliptical) and perform intervals. 60 seconds medium pace/30 seconds as fast or as hard as you can go. Those 30 seconds should be exhausting, to the point you couldn't last for 5 more seconds. The 60 second portion should be enough to keep your heart rate up, but allow you time to catch your breath.

Tomorrow I will give you some examples of workouts to perform on Thursday and Friday. Even though its holiday time, it's no excuse turn into a lazy sack of turd. 30-45 minutes or exercise a day, at the most is not too much to ask-You will be thankful on Monday.

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