Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some calorie burning ideas.......

If you've been exercising for a decent amount of time and you are ready to step up your "cardio/interval/metabolic" training, try one of these workouts. They are fun, challenging, and you can do them in the gym or outside at a park or track. Now that the weather in South Florida is finally gonna cool down, I suggest you get at least 1-2 days outside a week to break up the monotony of the gym.
Track/Park Workout:
-Perform a dynamic warm-up (Jumping Jack, Mountain Climbers, Seal jacks)
-Do some form running for about 10 yards (high knees, butt kicks, skips, dynamic lunges)
-Mark off a distance of 100 yards and 60 yards. If you're at a football/soccer field it should be pretty easy to do, if you're at a track- the straight area is about 100 yards.
-Run these at about 80-90% the first few times to get used to the distance
-Run 3 100's with 45 seconds rest between each one, Run 3 60's with 30 seconds rest
-Run 2 100's (same rest) Run 2 60's (same rest)
-Run 1 100 (same rest) Run 1 6o (Done!)
As this gets easier and you get in better shape there are a few things you can do to increase the difficulty. You can add 1 series of sprints to each distance (start with 4 100's and 4 60's). You can also stay with 3 and go back up the ladder (Instead of finishing with one 100 and one 60 you work back to finish with three 100's/60's).

Gym workout
-This is a great finisher which can be interchangeable with lots of different exercises. I'll use push-ups and squats for this particular workout.
-Perform 10 squats then 10 push ups, then drop down to 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (ok, you get it)
-Perform these with no rest, back to back, and try to keep respectable form on each exercise
-Ready to challenge yourself? Start with 5 plyometric (clap) push ups and 5 squat jumps and work down to 1. Now, go from 1 up to 10 with regular push up and squats. You'll love it!
-You can change the exercise to things like Inverted Rows (TRX rows), Lunges, Lunge jumps, Burpees, and if you're really strong good old pull-ups. Pick one upper body exercise and one lower body to give your body parts a little recuperation time.
Have fun with these workouts, make them your own. Make sure you challenge yourself each time you exercise and you will be impressed with your results.

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