Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Almost" end of the week thoughts....

It's the day before Christmas Eve, so I probably won't post anything tomorrow so I'm going to enlighten you today with some things running though my brain, that I think works...... I hope I don't piss anybody off today. I made a statement last week that I wasn't clear on and I guess someone took it the wrong way. For the record, just because you make a broad statement doesn't necessarily mean you feel that way toward everything in that specific category. It was nice for someone to point out where I messed up, and I want to give that person a "thank you" for helping me clear up what I was trying to get across.

Here are some things that have been on my mind that I feel I need to share:

-Supplements. Are they useful? Yes. Do I take them? Yes. Are they a necessity for getting stronger or getting in better shape? NO. Supplement companies are advertising everywhere and making a fortune off of people trying to enhance performance or get in better shape. There are numerous studies done on the benefits of certain supplements, but safety and necessity are the two things that concern me. Is it safe for someone with heart issues to take a stimulant based fat burner? Is it a necessity for a 55 year old women to take Creatine? Those are some of the things that I saw being sold to members of the commercial gym where I previously worked. Why was this being done? We had supplement goals and some trainers did whatever they could to reach their goal. So to get my point across-, try to properly educate friends, family, and acquaintances that are being persuaded by their trainer or the pencil neck at GNC to buy unnecessary supplements. Purchasing pills and powders to help a trainer reach their supplement goal is not fair to an oblivious client, nor is it ethical of the trainer. So if you can, help someone save some money and a possible health issue by informing them the truth about certain supplements. If you don't know enough about a specific product- don't buy it- research it and the possible side effects and then determine if it is worth the cash. Most of the time, it's not.

-Hill Running. I love it! Of course in South Florida the only hill near me is Mount Trashmore, actually it's called Vista View Park. It is a converted dump/landfill with hills ranging from about 30-70 yards. With the weather being so great right now, it's kinda absurd to exercise indoors all the time. Today I ran 16 40 yard hills and loved every minute of it......

-Holiday Eating. It's that time of the year where all of this delicious food is being forced in front of me and I have no choice but to devour it. Actually, I do have a choice- everyone does. I've been extremely good with my food choices, unlike years past where I ate like a pig for about 2 weeks (and gained about 10lbs). After revamping my diet this past year I have less cravings for crap food and sweets and I really enjoy eating more nutrient based foods. However, tonight I am going to dinner at the SOHO House in South Beach, and I'm gonna have NO restrictions on what I put in my piehole. Unless you have a physique competition coming up, it's possible to come across like a major asshat if you don't let loose a little over the Holiday Weekend. Don't wait til New Years to get back on track, start on Sunday.

-Reading. Lots of great reading this week. T-Nation has a ton of awesome stuff and check out Ben Bruno's good reads for some entertaining blogs and some awesome videos.

-Christmas. If you celebrate it, have a Merry one!

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