Friday, December 10, 2010

End of the week thoughts.........

On Friday I find it tough to be too serious. Throughout the week I feel like I need to educate, motivate, and inspire though my blog entires. On Fridays, I feel like I need to do those things but also be humorous, entertain, and somewhat random because my adult ADHD is kicking in to high gear thinking about the weekend. Especially this weekend because my fiance and I are going to Key West for some much needed R & R (How jealous are you? 75 degrees and sunny).

So I will be somewhat random with my thoughts and musings and hopefully in between the babble there will be something meaningful so reading this is not a waste of time.

-It really comes down to eating less and moving more. That's it. If people ate less and moved more we'd be a healthier society. Okay, okay- you have to eat the right foods and perform the right movements, but one step at a time. Most of our society would be shocked to see how many calories are consumed on a daily basis and what nutrient most of those calories come from (bad fat/ crap carbs). If you haven't done so already check out it can be an eye opening experience.

-Why do people (ass clowns) always perform curls about 2 feet away from the mirror. I hate trying to get a set of dumbbells and some idiot is pretty much making love to himself while doing curls in front of the dumbbell rack. The reasoning = so he can see himself better in the mirror. These fools need a 45lb. plate smack to the head! To read more about this awfulness click here.

-When people ask about losing weight they usually ask, "What can I do to lose this" and grab or point to their gut. I think the answer they want to hear is "Just do crunches and you'll have a 6 pack in no time". Hearing the correct answer "Eat high quality foods, lower your caloric intake, don't eat processed carbs, eat more lean protein, eat more veggies, do compound movements with adequate resistance, introduce interval training, consume the right type of quality fats, get stronger and don't waste your time doing crunches", is not as easy to mentally digest. So of course the end result, they walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes and perform 50 crunches = stay fat.

-Like I said, I'm going to Key West tomorrow. Am I going to eat perfect? Hell no. Am I going to exercise? Yes, kinda. I came to the realization if mainly avoid fried crap, avoid sugary drinks, and don't eat desert my diet doesn't go to complete hell. I will be getting ample amounts of protein because I love seafood, and I have some fruit, nuts, and protein bars for the the hotel room. As far as exercise, we are bringing our bikes and I plan on doing some body weight circuit stuff one of the mornings we are there. If I don't, it's not too big of a deal because I'm gonna dominate the weight room when I get back. I'm really excited to relax a little bit, stroll around Duval street, and hopefully get out on the water for a sunset cruise. Have a great weekend, I know I will!

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