Thursday, December 2, 2010

The difference......(training edition)

Ever wonder what the major difference is between a person who is in great shape compared to a person who is out of shape? Excuses! Both groups of people make excuses, but one group makes excuses why they can't workout. The other group makes excuses to get out of doing "other things" so they can workout. It's really crazy how one group can be so animate about getting out of going to the gym, the other group will do anything they can to get to the gym.

Here are some excuses that "out of shape" people use for not working out:
-I have no time (BS- stop watching reruns of your favorite TV show fatty)
-The gym is too crowded (get outside- you don't need to ask your parents to go to the park)
-Its raining outside (go to the gym, you do have a car, don't you?)
-I'm tired (get real- everyone is tired, but if you get in better shape you'll have more energy)
-It's boring (you are doing the wrong type of exercise - try something different)
-I don't know what to do (Hire a good trainer, it's a small price to pay for better health)

On the opposite end of the spectrum, people in good shape make excuses to get out of other things to get to the gym, or go to a park and exercise. There aren't as many excuses for this group and they will usually make something up on the fly to get out of doing something social to exercise. A matter a fact, one of the only factors that might cause this group to make an excuse is social life, commonly known as happy hour.
Here are some excuses that our lean and mean crew will make to exercise:
-I have to work late (if asked to go out after work)
-I'm not feeling well (again, if asked to go out after work)
-I have too much stuff to do at home (unless your significant other is the one making the social plans)
-I have to help a friend move (I've actually used that one)

On a personal note, I've used so many excuses so I can get to the gym or get outside and exercise that I don't even care what people think anymore. I don't feel normal unless I perform some physical activity at least 4-5 times a week. On Friday's while most of the people I know are excited about happy hour, I'm getting excited about getting to the gym and "owning" a heavy set of deadlifts. I would rather have a great training session performing deadlifts, squats, or cleans than be somewhere I really don't want to be. People might think I am a social midget but I actually do have a pretty F'in fun and entertaining life and have plenty of vacation and social time. I just chose to do it after I push myself to the limit in the gym. Start making excuses for the right reasons, your waistline will thank you.


Anonymous said...

I can totally relate! Great post.
-Bret Contreras

Damon Brobst CSCS said...

Thanks Bret. It's important that people know it's not about being shallow, just trying to become better than my best every time I train.

Ed Anderson said...

Haha I love this post Damon, I can relate to showing up to social events late as I was having a good lift in the gym!

I really like the blog man - feed is subbed :)

Kepp up the good work :)

Ed Anderson