Friday, December 17, 2010

End of the week thoughts.....

I really love when my brain is firing on all cylinders. The thing is, I can drive myself crazy with evaluating and dissecting tons of beneficial information as well as a few doses of idocracy at its best. As the saying goes "analysis by paralysis", but I do love to learn and I feel there is always room for improvement. However, in some cases I just want to bang my head into a wall when I hear statements that clients or other people in the gym make in regards to health, fitness, and nutrition. Here are some issues and events that occurred this past week that might be a little entertaining and thought provoking, as well as make you a certified fitness genius for reading this blog.

-Why are some people so convinced that yoga will burn body fat and get you in great shape? I hate to hate on any form of exercise (except the kangaroo shoes and the shake weight) but yoga is not the best and only thing someone should do to get in better physical condition. Will you get more flexible from yoga? Yes. Will you develop a little core strength? Probably. Will you burn a ton of calories? No. My favorite rebuttal is "I sweat soooo much during yoga class, I have to burn a lot of calories". The room is freaking 100 degrees! What do you expect! Grrrrr- blood pressures up, take a few deep breaths- okay if you want to do yoga, great- but read this before your next yoga class. Just make sure you perform adequate resistance exercise and get some cardio training or intervals throughout the week. Or just stick to yoga, at least your flat, flabby ass will be flexible.

-A client said to me "We need to do more abs", I said "We do plenty of core work, planks and cable rotations". Then my client responds "We need to do crunches, I still have a belly". My response, "How have you been eating?" The diet was pretty much 70% carbs, 20% fat, and 10% protein- probably around 2500 calories (the client is 130lb female). After shaking my head and making the "puke" face I had to review everything we covered when we discussed nutrition. I got the famous "Oh yeah- I thought I was doing sooooo good too!" Take home point- crunches won't give you a six pack- but bad nutrition can develop a keg.

-I've read some of Tim Ferris's book "The 4 hour Body". Awesome! It puts some members of our medical community in it's place when it comes to outdated and unproven advice on human health and performance. I'm referring to those "Doctors" that give outdated nutrition advice and are obese or those that do not partake in an exercise regimen of their own. To say some "experts" are behind the times when it comes to improving your body and health is an understatement. The most efficient research we can learn from is done by a real person or people, living a real life, not some guinea pigs in a lab in a study that is funded by a company or corporation. I will have a lot more to elaborate on this in future blogs, especially things like the "food pyramid", ya know, the one where people were supposed to eat 6-11 servings of bread, cereal, rice, pasta a day. Was that developed to create the obesity epidemic? Hmmmmm conspiracy theory?

-Have a great weekend.....................

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